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No Buffer for Youtube

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Turn off youtube video auto-play.


  1. Install and open.
  • After installing the extension. You click on the icon while you are on Youtube and it will stop the auto-buffering.

Buffering is the process of loading a video file so that the playback starts immediately. When you watch a video on YouTube, it may take a few moments for the video to buffer before it starts playing.

Buffering is also known as pre-buffering or prefetching.

The reason for buffering is to make sure that your device has enough data in its memory so that when you press play, it can start streaming immediately.

If there's not enough data, or if the connection is slow, then there's going to be some lag between when you press play and when the video actually starts playing.

There are a few downsides to buffering. One is that it takes time, both to buffer and to un-buffer. This means that if you're watching a show that's currently airing, you'll have to wait for the buffer to fill up before you can watch the show.

Another downside is that while some shows are available in HD, most aren't. So if you want HD quality, you're going to have to wait longer for the buffer to fill up or use more bandwidth than necessary.

Finally, sometimes buffering isn't an option because there's no signal where you are — because of your location or because the internet provider doesn't provide enough signal strength for streaming video (which happens more often than you'd think).


  1. Install the Extension
  2. After installing the extension, click on the icon on the toolbar.

Stop Youtube from buffering and save on bandwidth.